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What do famous people such as singer/actor Tyrese Gibson, actress Halle Berry, Hip Hop Legend Nas and rapper Bow Wow all have in common? Like many people including people you may know. they became involved in parental conflicts aka baby mam/daddy drama after a separation or divorce.

Single dating people may not be aware of this but, they too are at risk of becoming part of the drama one day!


A NEW  CAMPAIGN is in dire need as countless numbers of singles are unknowingly at risk of becoming part of the “baby mama/daddy drama” problem that is causing parents to become involved in child custody and child support cases. Do single people ever wonder how do people become involved in such horrendous custody and child support disputes?

“Parents involved in these disputes admitted to making dating mistakes which led to co-parenting at the wrong time and with the wrong person” says Eric (Dr. AD) Legette the creator of the campaign. Research showed Mr. Legette the dating mistakes admitted by the parents are the same mistakes single people are making when dating. The consequences of the drama, just to name a few includes bankruptcy, victims of false allegations, loss of employment, paying thousands of dollars in legal fees, etc. 

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will consist of participants listening to a teleconference which will share with single people how to avoid a future drama relationship. “Thirty years when countless numbers of people, were dying from AIDS, the medical community advised the general public various ways to protect themselves from this new disease  says, Legette. The reason for this preventive plan was due to many people dying from this disease. Well, the drama is also causing death. Single mothers are being murdered by their children’s fathers and fathers involved in custody and dealing with child support issues are committing suicide.  One other reason is to protect future finances.  A relationship which leads to a child being born and the relationship ends can lead to:

-thousands paid in legal and court fees

-paying for a private investigator to locate a child

-loss of employment due to false allegations


The safe sex campaign will also provide participants with the chance to win a cash prize. To be eligible to receive cash prizes from as low as $50.00 and as high as $5,000, participants must listen to the teleconference and answer a few questions. The main objective of the teleconference is to share dating approaches that can lead to a potential drama relationship. “The drama is a serious problem and the only way we can move away from this problem is by educating single people on ways to avoid it just like an STD” says Legette.

Why join this campaign?

1)  Protect you future financial well- being

2)  Protect your emotional well-being

3)  Protect your physical well-being

4)  Protect your career

5)   Protect your mental well-being

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To be eligible for a cash giveaway you must listen to the teleconference in its entirety and answer questions posed during the teleconference.  Download the form below and send with your responses to

Teleconference price is $19.95

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Teleconference instructions will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment!



Display their FAQs

1)  Why did you start this campaign?

I have provided consultation for parents involved in the drama after a separation or divorce for over 20 years.  When I started my program in 1996, parents really wanted information pertaining to navigating the court system.  I heard very little about violence.  But, today parents are murdering each other almost on a weekly basis.  

2) Why are single people at risk?

The teleconference will reveal the reasons single dating people are at risk and the many consequences connected to the drama.

3) How will I know I have won a cash prize?

You will be notified via email or call

4)  How will the cash be sent?

I am encouraging people to download the cash app or via a gift card.

New Safe Sex Campaign

Teleconference price is $19.95

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card